The Beginnings





The wealth of colours and shapes experienced in the Egyptian desert are the beginnings of my extensive photographic activity and encouraged by friends I start showing my work publicly at the turn of the new millennium.

Cairo, Nikki’s Open Day, photos, 2000

Cairo, Goethe-Institut: ”Patterns and Structures”, photos, 2001

What characterizes this first comprehensive exhibition is the light of Egypt, reflected in the colourful shapes of sand dunes and rock formations. The method of close-up views reveals stunning patterns that evoke abstract paintings.

Old Cairo, Beet Zeinab Khatoun / Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandrina: “European Visions of Egypt”, participation in the EU-photo exhibition, 2003

In this intercultural exhibition in a newly renovated Fatimid house of Old Cairo my personal view of Egypt complements the vision of the 11 other European participants, thus reflecting many different aspects of the country.

Back in Austria, I have the opportunity to present my personal photographic vision of Egypt in my home area but also in cities like Paris and Vienna.

Tamsweg Cultural Centre, Saal 1: ”Wunder Wüste – Farbwelt Fels” (“Wonders of the desert and colourful rock formations”), photos, 2004

Murau, Stadtmuseum: “Mandalas und magisches Ägypten” (“Mandalas and magical Egypt”), Mandalas and photos, 2005

In this exhibition, desert photos as well as urban structures and ancient Egyptian monuments are contrasted with inner landscapes in the form of Mandalas, a meditative kind of painting which brings to light archetypal images and symbols.

Paris, Centre Culturel d’Egypte: “Splendeurs d’Egypte”, photos, 2005

Vienna, Egyptian Embassy : « Splendeurs d’Egypte Moderne », photos, participation, 2005