Egypt’s Lasting Influence



Tamsweg, Büchergewölbe, calendar presentation : “Wurzeln in der Wüste”  (“Roots in the desert »), photos and texts, 2008

Restaurant Jagglerwirt Ramingstein : “ Wurzeln in der Wüste“ (“Roots in the desert“), photo exhibition, 2008

Amidst my preoccupation with the concept of “home” I have the chance to take part in a desert trip through the western oases of Egypt. The photos taken there turn out to be an answer to some of my most urgent questions, for what I have captured this time are the shapes of roots and shrubs lying loosely in the sand as if growing above ground; a symbolic image that can dissolve my fears of being stuck:

“…roots emerging courageously from the ground … and those having their wings within”.

Stadl/Mur, dentist’s office Dr. Peter Rosian: “Desert”, photos, 2009

Tamsweg, dentist’s office Dr. Peter Rosian: “Stones Speaking”, photos, 2011

Cairo, German Lutheran Church: “Houses of Prayer in Exile”, participation in the photo exhibition, 2012

Graz, T:Time (“Club for slowing down time”): photos of sand dunes, 2015