List of Projects

Exhibitions and Projects (2000 - 2023)


Projects, Book Presentations, Workshops

Vienna, Salon M&M: Poetry in word and sound, poems and harp music, 2023

Vienna, Gallery AMANI: Reading from "Cycles" with guitar accompaniment; 2022

Vienna, Gallery Werkstatt NUU: Reading from "Cycles" and piano concert; 2022

Vienna, Shakespeare&Company Booksellers: "Cycles", Book presentation in English, 2019

Vienna, "Begegnungen", an intercultural evening with words and music, 2019

Vienna, Café Frei: "Seh-reisen...", Book presentation, 2017

Tamsweg, Büchergewölbe: "Seh-reisen...", Book presentation and exhibition, 2017

Murau, Salvatorhaus: "Resonanzen", Book presentation, exhibition and workshop, 2017

Murau, Stadtbücherei: "Hinter den Spiegeln", Exhibition and reading, 2016

Murau:, Rathaus Participation in the artist discussion on "Kunst birgt, was?", moderated by Gertrude Moser-Wagner ("Art Contains") and in the reading in connection with the writing workshop "Words-Places", led by Sophie Reyer, 2015

Tamsweg, Saal 1: "Aufbruch", photos and poems, with musical accompaniment, 2013

Tamsweg, Büchergewölbe: Calendar presentation "Roots in the Desert", 2008


Further projects

Lentas, Crete, Levinthos Retreat Centre: Painting of vibrational patterns as part of the seminar: "Die Melodie meines Wesens" by and with Silke Jandl, 2019-2023

Pari, Tuscany, The Pari Center: Mandala workshop as a contribution to the seminar: "Synchronicity: The Bridge between Matter and Mind" by and with F. David Peat, 2010

Fanning-Bruckdorf, Lungau: Mandala presentation at Haus Gamerith, 2009

Cairo, Egypt: DEO Cairo, Mandala workshop, 2001 & Leslie's Healing Centre: "Make friends with your creativity", Mandala lecture and Workshop, 2000



Tamsweg, Town Hall: "Begegnung with...", photos and mandalas, drum performance, 2016

Murau, Stadtmuseum: "Mandalas und magisches Ägypten", photos and mandalas, 2005

Vienna, Egyptian Embassy: "Splendeurs d'Egypt Moderne", photos, 2005

Paris, France, Egyptian Cultural Centre: "Splendeurs d'Egypt", photos, 2005

Tamsweg, Saal 1: "Wunder Wüste – Farbwelt Fels", photos, 2004

Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt: "European Visions of Egypt", photos, contribution to the EU exhibition 2003

Cairo, Egypt: Goethe Institute: "Patterns and structures" Photos, 2001


Further exhibitions and participation in exhibitions

Graz (T:Time, 2015) / Wald-Michelbach, Germany (Odenwaldinstitut, 2014) / Tamsweg (Office Dr. Rosian 2015 & 2011 / Cairo, Egypt (Houses of Worship, 2012) / Stadl/Mur (Office Dr. Rosian 2009) / Ramingstein (Jagglerwirt 2008) / Cairo, Egypt (Nikki's Open Day, 2000)