SEHREISEN... - The Book



1. Departure

In this first part I invite you to get ready for a journey, for a journey through landscape photos that my camera has spotted in Austria, Germany and France over the past ten years. Consider the texts as starting points for your own associations and reflections.

The first six photos and their corresponding texts illustrate certain aspects of life showing its challenges as well as its gifts.

The next six text-photo-dialogues invite to set off again, this time into the world of creative imagination whose strength comes from the reality behind the mirror. Connecting with the rhythms of life, drawing inspiration from one’s inner depths and creating in resonance with these energies means transcending boundaries thus becoming more aware of the world.

2. … into the ocean of colours

While “Departure” sensitizes us to the vibrations emanating from certain patterns and structures, the travels in this part take us into the world of colours. It comprehends colourful oil pastel pictures, which have been created intuitively over the past five years. The accompanying texts are an attempt to decipher their messages.

3. Resonances

This section turns back to outward nature showing correspondences between inside and outside, correspondences that happened to manifest themselves between the pictures of my inner landscapes and the outer ones spotted with the help of my camera. Sometimes shapes and rhythms resonate, sometimes shades of colours match. Stone formations and landscapes that communicate with colour compositions and cultural monuments.

So far things seem to have come full circle, but the journey will certainly go on…

Sample pages from the book: