The exchange with other artists leads to intercultural events, in which pictures and recitations of poems are enriched by music and dance, the audience also being invited to participate and share their ideas.

Vienna, gemischt.warenhandlung (grocery), Liechtensteinstr. 31: „Begegnungen“ („Encounters“), an intercultural evening (texts – music – pictures – dance), October 2019

Intuitive poems in German are interwoven with the sound tapestry of self-composed Persian Sufi music (Hamid Mehregan) and texts by Hafez and Rumi. They are accompanied by a freely inspired Persian dance (Fariba Rahimi), a Sufi whirling dance forming the climax. Intuitive photos and oil pastel paintings for the eyes and culinary delicacies for the belly round off the event at

The German poems are published in my 2nd book "Cycles". 


Vienna, Shakespeare&Company Booksellers: “CYCLES”, Book Presentation in English, November 2019

The presentation of the English version of my trilingual work takes place in this charming downtown bookshop. Photographs invite viewers to formulate their own associations with the themes presented.

The planned German-language presentation at Shambala in May or October 2020 had to be cancelled due to corona.


Begegnungen Presenting
Begegnungen Dance