It is during a self-awareness workshop in 1997 that I happen to discover mandalas. I realize the importance of this new kind of self-expression and start drawing large-scale intuitive circular pictures. It is only afterwards that I find the explanation of this form of painting in the works of the Swiss psychotherapist C.G. Jung, who has introduced the Eastern, Buddhist form of the mandala to the West but also explored and studied the freer, so-called intuitive mandala.

The feedback of friends make me aware that the transformative qualities of mandalas are not only unfolded by producing these circular shapes, but through their vibrations and resonances they also trigger self-healing processes in the observer.

More on the topic of Mandalas in my text (GERMAN): „What are Mandalas? Why do I create Mandalas?“

Cairo, Leslie’s Healing Centre: “Make friends with your creativity”, Mandala talk and workshop, 2000

DEO Cairo: “Mandalas”, Mandala workshop with students of the German Lutheran School, 2001

Murau, Stadtmuseum: “Mandalas and magical Egypt”, exhibition of photos and Mandalas, 2005

Lungau, “Kunst in der Werkstatt”,Fanning: “Mandalas”, Mandala presentation and exhibition, 2009

Pari, Tuscany: Mandala workshop as a part of the seminar: “Synchronicity: the bridge between matter and mind”, from and with David. F. Peat, 2010

Tamsweg, Town Hall: “Encountering…” photos, Mandalas and abstract paintings, drumming performance, 2016

Making vibration patterns visible and audible

Lentas/Levinthos, Crete: painting workshop as a contribution to the seminar: “The melody of my soul”, self-expression via voice, sound and speech with Silke Jandl, September 2019 and September 2020

Together with the explorations of vocal resonances via humming, toning or speaking, the painting of intuitive colour patterns enhances self-awareness – abstract images as colourful snap-shots of inner processes.