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I am artist, author, cosmopolitan

Professional life (until 2018)

Born in 1958 I grew up in Murau, a small town in the Austrian mountains; one daughter; I supported my family and myself by teaching languages - from 1983 at the Gymnasium Tamsweg, grammar school, province of Salzburg, and from 1994-2003 at the DEO, German Protestant High School in Cairo, Egypt.

My emotional and creative basis: encounter with Egypt (1994-2003)

The 9-year stay in Egypt was like an awakening to new kind of vitality and vibrancy, resulting in the unfolding of my creative potential.

Astonishing encounters with the seemingly endless expanses of the desert, with the radiance of ancient Egyptian pyramids and temples, with inspiring people or with perceptual training methods such as the Feldenkrais approach enriched and inspired me and found their artistic, transformative expression in the form of photos, mandala paintings and poems.

Vocational life as an artist (since 2018)

No longer part of the educational system, I have been living as an independent creative person in a lively urban district of Vienna since 2018.

"Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes visible." Paul Klee

For me, creating art means making the universal vibrations of life visible with the help of my own abilities, giving expression to their dynamic movements, celebrating life in powerful colours, words and images.

My 3 creative domains include: Intuitive photography using the camera to trace patterns and structures of the outside world. Intuitive painting, capturing inner structures to give birth to individually designed mandalas and other abstract pictures. Intuitive poems and texts, in which I creatively transform existential experiences and insights.

Resonances between my different creative domains, as well as synergies with other artists and art disciplines, have led to interdisciplinary and intercultural projects combining pictures, texts, music and dance.

I am looking back on over 20 years of exhibition and event activity: Egypt (2000-2003), France (2005), Italy (2010) and Austria (since 2004).

Two book projects


"Seh-reisen" (2017): Poetry in words and pictures, a creative journey into the ocean of colours, into the world behind the mirrors.

"Cycles, Illustrated Thoughts and Poems in Three Languages" (2019): Thoughts and poems, photographs and paintings, illustrating my cyclical view of the world, a call for change as a fundamental principle of life, in English, German and French.


Cosmopolitan attitude as a result of my long stay abroad, open to cultural dialogue, political dialogue (incl. language teaching for refugees) and interpersonal dialogue

Interest in cross-disciplinary, cross-border projects in the fields of music, literature, art, neuroscience and in the teachings of earlier cultures

Broadening my horizon through travelling, reading, conversations

Expanding self-awareness through methods such as Feldenkrais, trance, drumming, chanting, dancing

Commitment to sustainability in all areas of life